Acacia's Core Values

Acacia’s core values are Respect, Friendship, Trust, Leadership and Determination.

These values provide us with a solid foundation for the children’s moral development, and help us to provide continuity in this time of growth.

At Acacia School, children are expected:

  • To greet adults politely:
    • to make eye contact
    • to initiate the greeting
    • to greet adults whose name they know with “Good Morning/ Good Afternoon Mr/Mrs/Ms [name]”
    • to greet adults whose name they do not know with “Good Morning/ Good Afternoon Sir/Madam
  • To make way for adults 
  • To say please, thank you and excuse me to all
  • To treat their friends with kindness. Physical or verbal violence of any kind will not be tolerated, and will result in an immediate time out. Two incidents of violent behaviour will result in parents being contacted.

School Uniform

Girl's Uniform
Boy's Uniform
Girl's Uniform

Payment Methods

Payment Methods

Cash: ZMW only
Cheque: Please make cheques payable to Acacia International School 
Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
Direct Debit and Credit (DDAC)

Bank: Atlas Mara

Account Number: 0230575064013
Branch Code: 023
Swift Code: FMBZZMLX

Sort Code: 20 10 23

Proof of payment must be submitted to the School Office or emailed to Make sure to include your child(ren)’s First Name and Surname as a reference on the transaction.